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In addition to all things worth knowing we would like to give you a first feel here for our perspective on all things related to performance, service, ambiance and philosophy.

LUXURY MOMENTS – everybody needs them every now and then. Delight your soul and give the gift of fresh impulses.

Luxury is relative. No matter what the individual's association with the word, it has it's own precise meaning for everyone

In addition to exclusive hair culture and an elegant spa/beauty salon, you will find the finest lingerie, swimwear and home wear in Laura Tassias' boutique - plus sunglasses by the most renowned designers and select rare art and jewellery.

We believe the most precious occasions should be crowned by a special experience one likes to remember and would like to enjoy time and again.

That is our endeavour for every one of your visits to us...

Stay healthy, we take care of your privacy!
Our space has already been re-formed based on the rules concerning COVID-19 and we have ensured a disinfected and safe environment for our customers, our staff and our services.

The philosophy of Stelio Luxury Moments remains the same: each of our customers enjoys his personal space and privacy to the fullest!

Contact us for your appointments and for everything that has to do with our updated services.

We are always at your service!